Repairs & Restoration

Natural stone such as marble was first formed over 250 million years and some granites are over a billion years old. Natural and engineered stone products are amongst the toughest in the world, however damage can happen, either through accidents, a lack of care or chemical staining.

Replacing entire installations can be costly, disruptive and impractical however and fortunately there is another way. Repairs and restoration can be an excellent alternative that delivers exceptional results, leaving a near perfect finish, even to the trained eye on many occasions.

We have access to raw materials from across the globe, with a network of suppliers from Asia, Europe, and the Americas. We can colour match cement-based products like Terrazzo, and match existing conglomerate components to deliver an almost flawless finish.

If you have a marble, terrazzo, or stone floor that requires repair, repolishing or regrinding, talk to our team of experts today to discuss the options available.